Second Year Curriculum

Second Year Curriculum

Spring Semester

L21001 Investigation and Human Rights
L21013 General Theories of Administrative Law
L21022 Constitutional Protection of Equality
L21023 Separation of Powers
L21024 Case Studies on Constitutional Law
L21025 Special Studies on Contract Law
L21027 Unjustified Enrichment and Tort Law
L21028 Domestic Relations Law
L21029 Case Studies on Criminal Law
L21031 Criminal Procedure Law
L21039 Cases On Administrative Law
L21040 Law of Negotiable Instruments
L21041 The Law of Insurance
L21042 International Law
L21043 Introduction to International Law
L21044 Law of International Transaction
L21045 Conflict of Laws
L21047 Evidence
L21048 Civil Law ExerciseⅠ
L21050 Law of Income Tax
L21051 International Tax Law on Global Corporate
L21052 Value Added Tax Law
L21053 Copyright Law
L21055 History of Legal System
L21056 Medical Law
L21057 Regulations On Bio-Law
L21058 Bioscience and Gender
L21059 UN Convention and International Women Policy
L21060 International Litigation & Arbitration
L21061 US  Finance and Security Law
L21062 American Civil Procedure Law
L21063 Legal Negotiations
L21064 Pro Bono Practice
L21067 Constitutional Procedure Law
L21080 Local Government Law
L21089 Civil Procedure LawⅡ
L21091 Labor Law
L21093 Theories and Practices on Individual Labor Disputes
L21188 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
L11008 Internship

Autumn Semester

L21015 Principles of Commercial Law

L21016 Company Law

L21019 Gender Law

L21032 Seminar on Criminal Evidence

L21034 Special Administrative Law

L21035 Regulation of Cyber Space

L21038 Administrative Remedies Law

L21065 Contemporary Human Rights

L21066 Law and Politics

L21068 Seminar on Constitutional Cases

L21069 Judicial System

L21070 Minority Rights and the Law

L21071 Disabled People and the Law

L21072 Law of Finance and Security

L21073 Seminar on Contract Law

L21074 Seminar on Law of Obligations

L21075 Inheritance Law

L21076 Contracts and Consumer Law

L21077 Seminar on Criminal Cases

L21081 International Administrative Law

L21083 Introduction to Insolvency Law

L21084 Law of Admiralty

L21085 Financial Law

L21086 International Trade Law

L21087 International Human Rights Law

L21088 Energy Law

L21090 Civil Procedure For Compulsory Execution

L21092 Employment Discrimination Law

L21094 Taxation of Corporate Income

L21095 Taxation of Corporate Reorganization

L21096 American Intellectual Property Law

L21097 Industrial Property Law

L21098 Sociology of Law

L21099 The Roman Law

L21100 History of Legal Thoughts

L21101 Legal Ethics On Biosciences

L21102 Public Health Law

L21103 Comparative Law On Biosciences

L21104 Medical Litigation

L21105 Seminar On Medical Criminal Law

L21106 Human Rights and Gender

L21108 Seminar on Violence Against Women and the Law

L21109 Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

L21134 Public Labor Relaions Law

L21136 Theories and Practices on Collective Labor Disputes

L21137 Principles of Social Security Law

L21159 Seminar on Punishment and Penology

L21179 Practice in Patent Procedure

L21191 Environmental Law